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Tote Bag With Print // Bookworm

Tote Bag With Print // Bookworm

150 SEK

This little bookworm was the first character I created after leaving my academic life to pursue creative dreams.
Personally, the phrase "Dude! You should really open a book!"  is something I've not always dared say out loud, but that often crossed my mind when discussing politics with fellow scientists.

There are so many different reasons to encourage reading. I think this is a nice bag to carry around library books.
I also keep one in my car all the time, and it's a great alternative to plastic bags when grocery shopping.

  • This tote bag is made from certified organic cotton & fairtrade.
  • Dimensions: ca. 38 x 42 cm, with long handles.
  • My bookworm illustration is printed on one side.

The bags were made in India and printed using phthalate-free ink in UmeƄ, Sweden.